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How to fix your copying machine

Do you own a photocopier? Ten to twenty years ago, most people didn’t have one, let alone a computer or a printer. But in 2016 they are pretty much everywhere, no matter where you go. Businesses, corporations, even people at homes use them on a regular basis. Whenever it starts malfunctioning, you have to get it fixed.

In today’s article, we would like to tell you more about photocopying machine repairs.

Let’s begin by discussing photocopiers in more details at Superior Office Machines. As mentioned above not so long ago, only the large businesses had access to them, but lots of people use them regularly now. They are indispensable for anyone who needs to make a lot of copies of documents, or other important papers. Photocopiers are often combined with basic printers so many people can use them in their homes.

As with any appliance or equipment, you will need to fix it if it breaks. In this situation, we recommend two options:

  • Fix the problem yourself

  • Call Superior Office Machines

When it comes to common problems, the first choice is usually to fix the photocopier yourself. If you are lucky, you should see an error code on the display screen letting you know what’s wrong. If you couldn’t find one, you should start with basic troubleshooting techniques. That means checking to see if it is plugged in, checking if there is a paper jam, etc. You would be surprised how many people make these simple mistakes.

The only alternative to fixing it yourself is to pay someone to do it for you. However, if we are talking about an office photocopier that many people use, perhaps one of your colleagues with more technical skills might be able to fix it too.

For more complicated issues we recommend using professional photocopier repair services such as Superior Office Machines. On a side note, if you don’t use your photocopier that often, you could always consider paying per copy at a store when you need them. Even if you do plan on fixing your copier, this is a good option for the downtime until it gets fixed.

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