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Can printers be recycled?

We live in the world where the fast pace of modern lifestyle demands the latest in technology - new phones, new computers and automotive technology. Similarly, your office needs the best photocopiers and printers available, which means updating your equipment with the latest devices. Purchasing new inventory for your office is always the pleasant part. However, have you asked yourself how you can get rid of your obsolete electronics in an environmentally friendly way? Superior Office Machines is here to help you!

Recycling vs Disposal

Throwing out old equipment as hard waste rubbish sounds easy, but it isn’t always the best solution. Most of the office machines use toner, ink or other materials that are considered toxic, so it’s wise to be mindful when it comes to disposing of it. Then it’s quite difficult to remove large equipment like photocopiers.

An idea of having your office equipment recycled is easier to accomplish than you might think and it’s safer for the environment. Recycling of your office machine will make a solid contribution to reducing the level of greenhouse gases.

Put your old machines to good use

Of course, the new models are going to outperform your old office technology. A typical recycling facility in Sydney will take old printers apart, turning them into spare parts that can be reused even in the newer equipment. Usually, the machines are crushed so that the metal parts are taken out for recycling. Ink, toners and other materials can be reused in other office machines.

Recycle your old Equipment

Benefits of recycling your outdated printers and copiers:

  • Provides a supply of reusable parts

  • Contributes to saving the environment

  • Saves time on money when disposing of your old machines

If you would like to find out more about the correct ways of disposing your outdated office equipment or you would like to repair it. Call Superior Office Machines NOW

SOM service and repair all well known Photocopiers, Printers, Facsimiles at competitive prices including:

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We service and fix all makes and models so please ask us for more information if your particular model is not listed here.

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